What we do

Our goal is to create long term, beneficial relationships with our partners by offering a range of Production opportunities focused on conventional oil and gas production.  We acquire, develop, produce and operate our assets as a fully vertical E&P company in the  crude oil and natural gas industry.

Ownership of crude oil and natural gas production has been the path to obtaining wealth for many individual investors over the past 100 years. Among the most versatile investments, the returns can be fast and powerful. Oil and gas investments stand out when compared to other investments, typically providing the following benefits:

  • Strong monthly cash flows;
  • Outstanding tax reduction benefits;
  • Exceptional longevity (legacy potential);
  • Growth potential;
  • Excellent potential for asset appreciation;
  • Cash-out options among other exit strategies;
  • Manageable risks.
  • Global Demand Commodity

Strategic Partners

 Rigworx Executives have developed relationships around the globe with some of the most credible and longstanding names in the industry. As the company develops further, new connections and opportunities are certain to emerge for greater efficiencies and developments.