In 2012, Rigworx Founder Sam Smith and a few peers chose to participate in the O&G Industry as an owner operator of oil & gas properties. 

With oil trading at prices greater than $100 the opportunity appeared lucrative. Following the assembly of the company and forecast, the team realized the industry was on the brink of collapse. 

While his peers elected not to weather the downturn, Sam recognized the Oil & Gas industry is cyclical by nature and elected to move forward independently and adjust the strategy to buying assets during the downturn to capitalize on the upswing. 



Starting with a single property in bankruptcy and then adding discount properties, production, equipment and inventories, the foundation had been built to capitalize on the upswing. 

Over the last 6 years, the company has acquired authority in 2 states and is adding Texas in the next 120 days, as well as a proven staff of professionals that share the vision.